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This power is achieved by a person who has received training from the God of Destruction and has gained the ability to use his powers. However, the status can only be used when the user has the right mindset to act as a destroyer.

It is the opposite of independent superinstinct. While the latter ability allows its users to act without thinking and is only activated when a person’s heart is calm and when they have freed themselves of unnecessary emotions, Ultra Ego is fueled by the passion and overwhelming emotions of the users, becoming more strong as they do it. them please. . Since the Gods of Destruction are the primary users of this state, they indulge in their role and destructive tendencies, becoming more bloodthirsty and ferocious than before. A battle-loving Saiyan, Vegeta felt very similar to his former self (e.g. Saiyan Saga, Majin Vegeta) when using the form, diving deeper into his Saiyan instincts and enjoying taking direct hits from his opponents to become stronger (similar through Saiyan Power). This is in direct contrast to Ultra Instinct, whose nature is to evade opponents’ attacks to prevent its users from taking as much damage as possible. Ultra Ego is about moving the body freely, unlike Ultra Instinct, which is about the body moving freely on its own.

Limitations and disadvantages
Although Ultra Ego is a powerful ability, those who do not master it may suffer from several limitations. For example, Vegeta was only able to get stronger by intentionally taking hits, and while his martial lust alone fueled this growth, it also left him vulnerable to a lot of unnecessary damage. During his battle with Granolah, this double-edged sword limited Vegeta’s battle time as he was forced to take more hits and become stronger with the extreme risk of losing consciousness or beginning to avoid attacks to maintain his resistance to expense of accumulating power. .

While Ultra Ego gives its user more power when taking more damage, it has been shown that a powerful enough attack can nullify this and knock out the user. This was demonstrated when Vegeta, in his Ultra Ego form, was knocked out with a single blow by Frieza using his new transformation.